You Have A Right To Recovery

Answers From An Experienced Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney

Your injuries impact your life and your family in very specific ways. What you’ve lost already or stand to lose in the future is very personal. It’s also very relevant to what maximum recovery looks like for you.

At Pavlack Law, LLC, we believe personal injury law is as much about the injured person as it is about the law. So we focus all of our efforts and experience to ensure we know both, which has worked out very well for everybody. Here are several common personal injury questions. We have gone the extra step and provided in-depth detailed answers to provide you with a basic level of information so that you are better equipped to make decisions.

What are the five steps of a personal injury claim?

While no two cases are exactly alike, injury cases can have similar elements. Here are the general steps involved in most claims after your initial meeting with us where we agree to move forward with your case.

1. Collect Evidence

We’ll investigate all related contracts, police reports, medical records/bills, photographs, etc. Information is currency in the legal world. We’ll turn over every stone to find it. Our experienced legal staff will anticipate and thoroughly research any tricky legal issues on the front end to avoid potential legal landmines.

2. Draft Legal Paperwork And File Suit

In many cases, we can broker a settlement before filing suit. But experience tells us that lawsuits are often inevitable, so we’ll draft legal pleadings for you that will withstand even the toughest legal challenges.

3. Formal Discovery

Once a case is filed, we will use the court’s rules of “discovery” to subpoena records, collect sworn answers to our questions and depose witnesses under oath.

4. Work With Experts

If we believe it will strengthen your case, we’ll solicit the expertise of independent medical professionals, engineers, economists or other subject matter experts on your behalf.

5. Take The Case To trial

The overwhelming number of cases, we are able to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement. However, in the event the other side is not amenable to working out an agreement, we move forward with focus. As trial lawyers, we prepare for trial at each step of the process. This means we are prepared to go to court at any point. When a settlement is not forthcoming, we move fast and do not stop until the final verdict.

What costs should a claim cover?

In addition to medical bills, damages can include financial compensation for:

  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering and emotional distress
  • Permanent disability
  • Mental impairment
  • Repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed property
  • Lost profits
  • Interest due on money withheld

Every case is different because the details vary, as does the extent or severity of an injury. We want you to be informed, and this is why we offer a free case assessment. You have a right to know what your case is worth. Do not rely on the insurance company to tell you.

How long do you have to file a personal injury case in Indiana?

There is a time limit for bringing personal injury claims, and it is not the same in every instance. To avoid losing your legal rights, you should be advised by an attorney who knows these statutes well. As soon as possible. Legally in most cases, you have two years from the date of injury to file a claim. Do not wait. Call and speak with an attorney. We offer a 100% free case assessment.

What types of injury cases does the firm take?

Over the course of years, we have pursued and procured successful settlements and verdicts for our injured clients. There are unfortunately many ways a person suffers an injury. We understand the profound effect something as seemingly “simple” as a herniated disk can have on you, your family, your ability to work and your enjoyment of life.

We also know that the mission of an insurance company is to drive up profits. This means they pay out nothing or as little as possible, even when an injury is serious or obvious. We’re often asked if we take certain types of injuries. The answer is likely yes. We can assist many injury types including:

  • Car crashes and vehicle collisions of all kinds, and rideshare injuries
  • Recreational injuries from watercraft, snowmobiles, ATVs, jet skis and other personal watercraft, zip lining and other activities
  • Premises liability, also called “slip and fall” and including serious animal attacks and dog bites, as well as swimming pool drowning and injuries
  • Injuries in the workplace can happen on construction sites or at logging venues and include toxic chemicals and burns. These injuries can involve a third-party claim when equipment fails or malfunctions
  • Medical malpractice, which includes drugs and devices as well as surgical errors and hospital and ER mishaps
  • Wrongful death. We offer compassionate assistance throughout this process.

Do not worry about whether or not you have a case. We are happy to take your call and listen to what happened at absolutely no cost to you. If we feel you do have a case, we will walk you through the steps and tell you exactly how we can help. Once we know the details of your injury, we can tell you what to expect.

Do you have to go to court for a personal injury claim?

No. In fact, as stated above in step #5, most cases, over 90%, settle out of court. We are trial lawyers. This means that we have honed our courtroom skills and are always prepared to move forward. Your best interest is at the center of everything we do. So, when a trial is indeed in your best interest and is also what you want to do, we’re ready.