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Tips for staying safe near Indiana’s low-head dams

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | Personal Injury

Despite its tranquil appearance, Indiana’s low-head dams are deceptively dangerous. These man-made structures, sometimes referred to as drowning machines, have earned their nickname for a reason. Below its seemingly serene waters are powerful currents that regularly trap swimmers, boaters and rescuers.

By being extra cautious around dams, you may better protect yourself while still appreciating Indiana’s beautiful waterways.

Respect the power of water

Do not let the modest drop of Indiana’s low-head dams fool you. Though they are inviting, it is generally unsafe to swim or paddle near these structures. The strong and unpredictable currents that these dams can generate could catch you off-guard, drag you down and trap you underwater. Escaping these turbulent currents is almost impossible.

To avoid potential dangers, stay away from low-head dams. Watch out for any signages or warnings that indicate a nearby dam. Anytime you are out enjoying Indiana waterways, equip yourself for emergency situations. A personal flotation device (PFD) could save your life.

Even as a seasoned water activities enthusiast, do not underestimate the power of water. Even familiar areas can be unexpectedly dangerous.

Seeking help when tragedy strikes

If you find yourself caught in a current, there is a maneuver that might help you: Push your chin into your chest, pull your knees up and embrace them. Once you break free from the current, swim to the nearest bank.

Should you witness someone else in trouble, call 911 immediately. Do not get into the water yourself. Professional rescuers have the proper training for such emergencies.

A personal injury lawsuit offers those injured by a low-head dam accident a chance to recover compensation. However, it comes with many obstacles. Securing legal representation may help advance your case if you decide to take this route.