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How can technology impact a premises liability claim?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Personal Injury

As technology becomes more integrated into human interactions, it is also evolving the landscape of premises liability cases.

Property owners and business operators can leverage modern tools to prevent and respond to accidents on their properties. On the other hand, it can assist injured parties in establishing their claim with clear and compelling proof. Thus, a heightened awareness of these significant developments can help resolve a case and prevent further damage.

The influence of technology in determining liability

Indiana’s modified comparative fault rule reduces a complainant’s damages based on how much they are to blame for the incident. The state law also bars them from recovering compensation if they are more than 50% at fault.

With so much at stake, it will be wise for affected parties to explore how technology can impact their claim.

  • Surveillance videos can capture the scene before, during and after the unfortunate turn of events.
  • Smart building systems, such as automatic lighting and temperature controls, can show the existence or lack of safety protocols in a specific location.
  • Electronic records can reveal if maintenance or inspection procedures take place on time and comply with industry safety standards.
  • Virtual accident simulations can recreate accidents to provide the court with a better understanding of critical nuances that can aid them in judging a case.

Technological changes are likely to continue reshaping legal proceedings. Thus, it is up to the involved parties to adapt and use the tools to their advantage.

The complexities that accompany innovation

Technology often comes with security threats that raise questions about data privacy. Without proper oversight, it may also be prone to fraud and manipulation. When these safety risks escalate, issues can become complex. Thus, a legal team is essential to help navigate these intricacies.