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The most common types of wrist fractures

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Car Accidents

During a traffic collision, numerous different injuries can occur. Many drivers attempt to brace themselves by gripping the steering wheel as tightly as they can. While this can help to stabilize their body and prevent head injuries, it can also put a tremendous amount of strain on the wrists.

The wrists are resilient, but they are not designed to take the amount of force that is generated in a high-speed crash. Outlined below are two of the more common types of wrist fractures.

Distal radius fracture

The wrist includes two forearm bones: the radius and the ulna. The radius is the stronger and larger of these two bones, and it can be vulnerable during a crash. In some cases, the fractured bone can protrude through the skin after an accident, which can complicate the recovery. Often, surgery is required as well as an extended period of rest.

Scaphoid fracture

The scaphoid forms part of the carpal bones, which are located near the thumb. While this is one of the more common areas of the wrist to be fractured in a crash, it can be difficult to diagnose this type of injury. Victims should look out for pain and swelling in the thumb area as well as the skin changing color. Again, surgery as well as an extended rest period are typically required for a full recovery to take place.

Wrist fractures can be extremely painful and debilitating. While you are recovering, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to work and earn a steady income. If the crash was caused by another driver’s negligence, then you can seek compensation from their insurer and/or from them. With legal guidance, you can find out more.