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When can you sue a hospital for medical malpractice?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

When we fall sick, we visit the hospital for treatment so we can get back on our feet and carry on with our lives. It is the job of the hospital to hire healthcare providers who can diagnose, treat and help patients recover from their illnesses and injuries. 

But, like everyone else, healthcare providers too are fallible. And when they make a mistake, the consequences can be far-reaching. If you sustain injuries, or if your loved one succumbs to injuries that are attributable to the hospital’s negligence, you might pursue the facility for compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit

However, not all hospital-related injuries can lead to a successful claim against the facility. For instance, if the doctor’s actions or inaction are attributable to incompetence, then you might sue the doctor who treated or failed to treat you rather than the hospital for damages. 

Specific instances when the hospital may be held liable for medical malpractice:

If the facility is understaffed

Understaffing is a major problem in most healthcare facilities. While the lack of qualified healthcare providers is the primary reason for hospital understaffing, some facilities deliberately hire few workers to maximize their profits. 

Understaffing leads to overworked and exhausted healthcare providers. Consequently, this increases their odds of making mistakes while attending to patients. If you can prove that the doctor’s mistakes could have been prevented with adequate staffing, then you can have grounds for suing the hospital for medical malpractice. 

If they hire incompetent staff

An incompetent worker is a danger to themself, co-workers and their employer and, in the hospital setting, an incompetent healthcare provider is a serious danger to the well-being of their patients. If the hospital knowingly hires and retains an incompetent staff who eventually causes injury to you or offers substandard care, then you may sue the hospital for the resulting damages. 

Medical malpractice can result in far-reaching complications. You may need to find out how you can pursue the facility for the resulting damages.