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Do dog bites cause infections?

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Dogs are wonderful companions. However, even the friendliest dog can become aggressive and bite if they are frightened, attacked or overexcited. No matter the breed or size, a dog bite can leave you with a variety of injuries. If you are a victim of a needless dog attack, you may be eligible for compensation through Indiana negligence laws

Besides the physical wounds, one of the risks associated with dog bites is infection. Dogs, like most animals, host a range of disease-causing pathogens. And this underpins the importance of seeking medical attention as soon as possible following a dog bite. 

The risk of infection following a dog attack

Generally, infections happen when pathogens are transmitted from the dog’s mouth to the attack victim through the wound. In fact, 15 percent of dog bites lead to infections. 

Here are some of the infections you need to look out for after a dog bite:


This viral infection is commonly transmitted through a bite by an infected animal. The virus invades the central nervous system leading to a progressive inflammation of the spinal cord and the brain. Some of the early symptoms of rabies infection include headaches, fever and general muscle weakness. 

As the infection progresses, you may become hyperactive, hallucinated and partially paralyzed. Left untreated, rabies can lead to death. 


This bacterial infection is caused by Pasteurella canis and Pasteurella multocida bacteria. Some of the symptoms of this infection tend to manifest within 24 hours of the bite. These include tenderness around the bite wound, swelling and redness as well as discharge of pus. 

Left untreated, cellulitis can lead to severe symptoms like infection in the bones, tendons and joints, urinary tract infection, pneumonia and blood infection. 

A dog attack can be frightening, to say the least. You may need to find out how you can pursue damages if you are attacked by someone else’s dog.