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Keeping children safe in your car

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

You use your car for various reasons. During your daily commute, you’re on your own and only have to think about your safety. However, you also do your share of the school runs and the family likes to take trips out at the weekend. 

When you have passengers in the vehicle, particularly children, your priority shifts to their safety. Outlined below are a few tips to enhance the safety of your child passengers

Fitting the appropriate car seats 

Your children are of various ages, with some being under 2 years old. It’s vital to fit the appropriate car seats for the age and size of the child. 

Often, rear-facing seats are advised for children aged 2 and under, with older kids requiring front-facing seats, depending on their size. You also want to make sure that your car seats are accredited by the appropriate agencies and have not been in an accident before. It’s not advisable to purchase second-hand car seats as you do not know their full history. 

Don’t let children eat while in motion 

A long trip can be tiring for a child, and they may need things to keep them occupied. A snack is one way to get the child’s mind off of the journey, but it’s simply not worth the risk. 

If you have to brake suddenly or are struck by another vehicle, food items become choking hazards that could place a child in further danger during a collision. 

Secure any loose objects 

You always carry your laptop in the back seat for work. However, this can be a potential hazard during a collision. All loose objects have the ability to become projectiles during a crash, and if they strike you or your children, they could cause severe injuries. 

Make sure any loose items are secured or placed in the trunk where they are less likely to do any damage. 

Sadly, no matter how careful you are, some injuries are simply unavoidable. If you or your family have been hurt by the negligence of another road user, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. Seeking legal guidance on the matter will give you a better indication of your options.