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Escalators, efficient but still dangerous

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

At their best, escalators offer a much more efficient way to get people up and down floor levels safely. However, the technology is not full proof and things can go wrong.

Studies indicate that over 6,000 people are injured in escalator accidents every year as well as dozens of fatalities. Whether you are in the mall or the workplace, recognizing the danger of escalators could ensure that you stay safe.

Handrails are pivotal 

When you travel on an escalator, you’ll hold on tightly to the handrail. This allows you to remain stable while heading up or down a floor while staying stationary. Without something to hold on to, it is surprisingly difficult to remain balanced while standing on one spot, especially if the floor beneath you is moving. Sadly, handrails can malfunction. If the handrail stops moving while the floor underneath remains in motion, there is a significant chance that you will fall. Not only does this place you in danger, but also those around you, as escalators tend to be occupied by multiple people at once.


As previously stated, escalators can be filled with people, especially in busy shopping malls or office spaces. Ideally, there should be signs that indicate the maximum capacity, as well as staff that oversee safety protocols. If these platforms become too crowded or users take unsuitable luggage on board, such as large suitcases, there is a risk that someone loses their balance, resulting in a potentially dangerous accident.

The owners and managers of premises have a responsibility to ensure that users can operate escalators in a safe manner. If they have failed in this duty and you have been injured, you may have a pathway to obtain legal compensation for any injuries you have sustained.