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At Pavlack Law, we understand that when people suffer a personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, their lives are turned upside-down in an instant. When injuries are the result of another person's negligence or intentional acts, you are entitled to recover monetary damages for your losses. We tenaciously pursue claims for the physical and emotional damages you have suffered. For a skilled personal injury attorney, contact our Indianapolis, Indiana law firm today.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Unfortunately, there are countless ways people are injured or even killed by negligent, irresponsible behavior of others. The personal injury lawyers and dedicated staff at Pavlack law are experienced in litigating all aspects of many types of personal injury lawsuit, including:

    Car Crashes

    Wrongful Death

    Trucking Accidents

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Scooter Accidents

    Construction Accidents

    Nursing Home Neglect

Bringing a Personal Injury Claim

You can file a personal injury claim if someone has caused you to suffer bodily harm, emotional trauma, or wrongful death through negligence, recklessness, or intentionally dangerous or harmful acts. The law considers such conduct to be a “tort.” The person or organization causing the harm is responsible for damages under the law even if they did not harm you intentionally.

Personal injury claims arise in a variety of contexts, including: car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, ATV accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, defective or dangerous product injuries, nursing home abuses, exposure to toxic material, medical malpractice, injuries from dangerous or defective drugs, work-related injuries, and wrongful death.

Most personal injuries are caused by negligence, which is a failure to take proper care to act in a reasonable and safe manner, such as:

Negligence in car accidents includes injuries caused by inattention while driving, perhaps due to talking on a cell phone or texting; driving under the influence; failing to maintain a proper lookout or following too closely while driving; or failing to adhere to traffic laws.

Premises liability arises for landowners who are negligent in the maintenance of their property; for example, a storeowner is required to provide its customers with a safe shopping environment. If falling merchandise or slick floors lead to personal injury, then the store can be sued for its negligence.

Pavlack Law represents injured people on a contingency basis. This means that you do not pay us anything unless we recover money for you. By pursuing personal injury cases in this way, our Indianapolis firm allows you to have top-notch, experienced legal representation, while ensuring that our interests are perfectly aligned with yours. By making sure our goals are the same, we can maximize your recovery.


Under the law, a person suffering injuries as a result of another’s negligence or intentional act is entitled to recover financial compensation for all of the damages caused by the injuries, including:
Medical bills
Pain and suffering
Lost wages
Emotional distress
Permanent disability
Mental impairment
Lost or diminished earning capacity
Lost profits
Interest due from money withheld
Repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed property

Statute of Limitations

People who have suffered a personal injury have a limited time to file a claim under statutes of limitations. If a claim is not filed on time, the right to seek such action is usually lost forever. The statute of limitation for any given claim can vary, and only a lawyer is qualified to advise you on when the statute of limitations on your claim expires. In order to avoid losing valuable legal rights, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you or someone you love has suffered personal injuries.

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If you have suffered personal injuries due to someone else’s carelessness or intentional acts, please contact our Indianapolis firm for a free case evaluation by a qualified personal injury attorney.