Contingency Fees Means Our Interests Are Aligned

At Pavlack Law, we primarily focus on handling matters on a contingency-fee basis. We have carved out a niche by doing so in business matters as well as personal injury and class actions cases. You may have heard many out there who criticize contingency fees. The reality is that the criticisms are primarily myths spread by those who wish to deprive people of meritorious claims who would otherwise lack the ability to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to handle their claims.

We recognize that most people cannot compete with big businesses and insurance companies if forced to bear the costs up front. So, here at Pavlack Law, we bridge the gap for the people and businesses who have legal rights that are being trampled on by wealthier companies. That's why we use contingency fees. This can also be vitally important for business owners who face a bet-the-company proposition if they would have to otherwise foot the bill in advance of recovering what is owed.

So what does "contingency fee" mean?

We think the simplest way to summarize contingency fees is that it means you pay for results. When we become your lawyers, we will enter into a fee agreement that protects both you and us, and we will agree to advance the costs up front and work without billing you. In exchange, we agree to take a percentage of the total recovery.

Unlike an hourly billing structure, which puts a lawyer's interest in increasing charges and collecting more and more money from you, our approach perfectly aligns your interests and ours to collect the money you are owed. That is why it's important to us to build a relationship with you up front, because we really are on the same team. We experience the risks of winning and losing alongside you. We don't get paid unless you do, and our interest is in making sure you get as much as you can.