Wage Payment Disputes

Failure to pay the full wages and commissions that you are due either under an employment agreement or by law is a very serious matter, and these cases are skillfully handled by our Indianapolis, Indiana law firm. Pavlack Law represents employees who have been victimized by the improper practices of their employers. Employees are protected under a variety of federal and state statutes against underpayment and withholding of wages. We make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, while aggressively fighting for due compensation. To meet with an attorney who is knowledgable on wage cases, contact our Indianapolis, Indiana law firm today.

Claims for Underpayment or Nonpayment of Wages

We also have experience representing workers who were not paid properly for their hard work. For example, an employer that fails to pay overtime, or forces an employee to "work off of the clock," faces serious liability for unpaid wages. These rights are often enforced under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), or similar state laws such as the Indiana Wage Payment Act and Indiana Wage Claim Act, which provide remedies for workers affected by these abusive practices. If the employer's wrongful practices affect many workers, it is often possible to join together in a collective action or class action to seek redress for these harms.

Claims for Unpaid Commissions

Another common form of underpayment is an employer's failure to pay commissions their employees have earned. Many employees depend on commissions for sales to supplement modest base salaries. These commissions are intended to incentivize employees to achieve results, and to pass the risk of failure to the employee. When an employee or salesperson has worked hard to make a sale or otherwise earn a commission that is contractually guaranteed, he or she expects and is legally obligated to payment. Unfortunately, employers sometimes fail to hold up their end of the bargain, and either underpay, or don't pay the commissions. This withholding of commissions triggers important rights, and oftentimes substantially enhanced damages.

Learn More about Wage Claims

If you have been the victim of an improper practice at the hands of your employer – such as underpayment of wages; withholding of money owed to you; or failure to pay commissions – we want to help. We are dedicated to protecting workers’ rights to be fairly and gainfully employed. Please contact our Indianapolis law firm today to discuss your case.