Business, Contract, and Complex Litigation Indianapolis

Pavlack Law understands that nothing slows down productivity more than a breached contract or soured business relationship. With extensive experience representing businesses when disputes arise, Pavlack Law can help you defend or enforce your important rights in court or arbitration while you get back to running your business. 

"Business litigation" can include a variety of contract and/or tort claims including breach of contract, breach and enforcement of covenants not to compete, tortious interference with a contractual arrangement, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, human resources or other employment issues, disagreements concerning partnerships or joint ventures, and customers' failures to pay for delivered products. 

We have successfully defended businesses and pursued claims on their behalves in state and federal courts throughout the State of Indiana and beyond. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and aggressive in many types of business litigation, and strive to achieve results as efficiently as possible. 

We are experienced in litigating some of the most complex litigation imaginable. When it comes to a bet-the-business case make certain to find counsel that not only has experience but has the ingenuity to see all angles of a case. We at Pavlack Law have the track record to prove that we are just what the doctor ordered in your hour of need.

Unlike many other firms that charge exclusively by the hour, Pavlack Law routinely works with business clients to craft a fee arrangement that is suited to their financial needs and limitations. Oftentimes we represent business clients on a contingency basis, or on a mixed-contingency/hourly basis, which reduces the initial financial burden to pursue litigation. 

If your business is in need of an experienced litigator, call us at (317) 251-1100, email us at, or fill out the case evaluation form below to discuss how we can help.